Swste ton kosmo, allh mia fora

Blood, Blade and Brimstone
From the Journal of Horus Blackshield

Session 7 February 2013

the Runehound

This strange creature had us cornered, dispite us being out in the open. It moved with an unearthly speed and let loose a horrible screeching howl. Fierce beyond belief I could sense the fear and caution in my comrades voice.

I would have no more of it – tightening the strap on my shield I ran to outflank. Hopefully Uthgard would take the que and strike it from behind as it moved to engage me. I wasn’t quick enough however. The foul beast tore at my thigh and managed to pierce an artery! As I felt my lifeblood spill from my body I colapsed. The last thing I heard was the din of battle and the screams of my comrades.

I awoke to find that my fellows had managed to throw the beast into the pit from which we arose. We quickly dispatched it with missle fire and began to search the area. I grabbed a fine suit of full plate from the nearby chest and we made our way deeper into the dungeon.

The Death of Aramil

This has turned out to be a most dire day. Delving deeper into the tomb we encounterd a sleeping goblinoid and his two zombie minions. This was no ordinary goblin for he was exceedingly well equipped for his station – no doubt a scout left behind by the wizard. In the ensuing battle Aramil fell to darkness. Perhaps he had over extended his flank, perhaps we were not quick enough to support him. It happened before my very eyes; I saw the foul goblins blade tear Aramil’s throat open from end to end.

The rest of the world ceased to exist as I rushed in to engage the fiend. I was prepared to bash the fiend’s skill with my shield when the tingle of the sorcerer’s magic filled the air around me. In a moment the goblin colapsed in a comatose slumber. I stood before the sleeping figure as my mind raced. Victory was mine no doubt but to slay a helpless foe is unjust. Or is it?

I could think of nothing more than my fallen comrade, so unjustly slain by a hand bent on pure evil. It was in with this clarity that my mind was made up. I knelt before the goblin, touching the tip of my blade upon his throat. I placed my forehead upon the guard of my blade and closing mine eyes I intoned the litany judgment:

Kneel before the dame of battle, for her gaze is upon you. Let ye be judged by the color of your soul and deeds you have wrought. Tremble for in her eyes you are found wanting; Upon wings of steel does her wrath befall you, and by the hands of her servant are you delivered unto her fury!

I drove the blade into the fiend’s flesh, a gurgle of sound escaping its foul lips as my blade bit deeply into the flagstone.

Aramil you are avenged!

The watery serpent

We entered a strange room. The main feature of the room was a pond flanked by stone statues. Two of the statues were broken. The centerpiece however was a strange elf that was bound and gagged in the center of the room. Two goblinoids, likely his captors lay dead next to him. Something killed these creatures in an astonishing way. They were slain through blunt trauma yet bore no tell tale sign of weapon damage.

It was then that a mighty watery serpent appeared before us as it rose from the pool. This construct, nay creature appeared to be a guardian of the tomb. At first hostile, we managed to convince it that we were aligned in our desire to see the mad wizard stopped and Rappan Athuk remain sealed. The serpent told us the story of how our quary raced through here with his party, managing to destroy two of the statues on their way. The serpent was not quick enough to stop them. We swore to finish its work and thus the bargain was sealed – in return for passage we would destroy the wizard.

The elf prisoner turned out to be a member of the town guards. His name was Larius and having questioned him we found him to be a kindred spirit. It was very brave of him to chase after the wizard alone. Although we attempted to convince him to return for his own safety he would have none of it. We allowed him to come with us.

13 February 2013

This tomb confuses me. Adorned with items, art and scenes sacred to goodly gods, yet defiled within hours by a mad wizard. This place should be safe for us, a sanctuary – and yet it is not.

We came upon a goblin cleric today. With stealth we outflanked our opponent, interrupting a foul necromantic ritual that was nearly complete. The goblin was set to raise a number of humanoid skeletons and one large bullish skeleton. As soon as I stepped in I felt the stench of evil gnawing at my very soul. Surely this horrible creature had desecrated this once noble place!

The ensuing battle was mad – despite our best efforts to stop him the goblin was able to raise his skeletons. However the goddess was truly with us for we slew both him and his abominations. I am quite concerned with Larius however – he continues to get himself into trouble by entering melee haphazardly without support. In this very battle I was forced to abandon my line and drag him out of a pool of desecrated water! We surely have to discuss tactics at some point.

Once we dispatched the threat we found an assortment of useful gear. Quite troubling however was what we found on the body of the cleric; a promissory note worth 500 gold pieces payable from the temple of Orcus for services rendered – signed by non other than Xeron! How can one sell their soul so cheaply? Before leaving we managed to break the desecration and soon found that a fountain within the room had healing properties. Truly the goddess looks out for her own.

We continued to find a cavernous room filled with water. At the far end was an exit and between us a series of three platforms at varying heights. I estimate that our destination was approximately 100m below us. Naturally the platforms were trapped. To make matters worse we were attacked by a strange lurking creature along the way, but we were luckily able to discover it and dispatch it before it could catch any of us in an inopportune moment.

Further into the darkness we plunge – My mind is full of righteous fury! Xeron has much to answer for.


The madness continued as we chased Xeron into what appeared to be a magical maze. The entrance to this area was guarded by a set of statues, one of which had a secret control built into its sword hand. The maze appeared to defy time and space and we were lost for quite some time before we began to find our way.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Xeron had left us some gifts behind. Our first encounter was with a small winged creature which attempted to fool us into going to the wrong way. We managed to frighten it away however our next encounter was with a pair of giant boars. Summoned by Xeron to guard the way we engaged in a dangerous, but enjoyable battle with them. Once again I must berate Udgarr for his excessive eating of late – he clumsily failed to dodge a swipe of a boars tusk and was heavily wounded. Still with superior tactics and a little help from Maruan’s magic we prevailed.

We next entered a natural cavern. An underground river raged through the center of this cavern, its rapids far too dangerous to attempt to traverse normally. I found a way around however but was attacked by swarms of slugs and a pair of giant slugs. They did not seem to be particularly dangerous but were adept at getting between the plates of my armor and biting me. I felt very strange soon after. I was coming down with fever however I had this strange sensation that something was watching me – something that was not entirely apart of this world.

The goddess smiled on me however and the fever left me soon after. I have not fully recovered yet but I do not expect to be in danger any longer. Udgarr was not so fortunate. He has the ministrations of our clerics but I’m not sure if he will recover if we do not find a proper place to rest soon.


Having taken a short but badly needed rest we traveled on in hopes of catching Xeron. Along the way we encountered one of Xeron’s henchmen. She was a human bard who had been left for dead after falling into a pit trap. We nursed her back to health and explained our situation. Despite her service to Xeron she does not appear to be evil minded. Indeed one of her companions serves Xeron still but according to her would not if he new the nature of Xeron’s plans.

I’m not sure if we can trust her, however we cannot allow her to die here alone – she has sworn to aid us in payment for her salvation. I only pray that she will not betray us.

As we continued we fought a group of flesh golems and a unusually well trained hobgoblin group. We prevailed with minor injuries from both encounters, however we learned of an enchanted sword named Methouvail. I do not understand if this sword is already in Xeron’s procession however it must be recovered if it has.


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