Swste ton kosmo, allh mia fora


Having taken a short but badly needed rest we traveled on in hopes of catching Xeron. Along the way we encountered one of Xeron’s henchmen. She was a human bard who had been left for dead after falling into a pit trap. We nursed her back to health and explained our situation. Despite her service to Xeron she does not appear to be evil minded. Indeed one of her companions serves Xeron still but according to her would not if he new the nature of Xeron’s plans.

I’m not sure if we can trust her, however we cannot allow her to die here alone – she has sworn to aid us in payment for her salvation. I only pray that she will not betray us.

As we continued we fought a group of flesh golems and a unusually well trained hobgoblin group. We prevailed with minor injuries from both encounters, however we learned of an enchanted sword named Methouvail. I do not understand if this sword is already in Xeron’s procession however it must be recovered if it has.



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