Swste ton kosmo, allh mia fora


The madness continued as we chased Xeron into what appeared to be a magical maze. The entrance to this area was guarded by a set of statues, one of which had a secret control built into its sword hand. The maze appeared to defy time and space and we were lost for quite some time before we began to find our way.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Xeron had left us some gifts behind. Our first encounter was with a small winged creature which attempted to fool us into going to the wrong way. We managed to frighten it away however our next encounter was with a pair of giant boars. Summoned by Xeron to guard the way we engaged in a dangerous, but enjoyable battle with them. Once again I must berate Udgarr for his excessive eating of late – he clumsily failed to dodge a swipe of a boars tusk and was heavily wounded. Still with superior tactics and a little help from Maruan’s magic we prevailed.

We next entered a natural cavern. An underground river raged through the center of this cavern, its rapids far too dangerous to attempt to traverse normally. I found a way around however but was attacked by swarms of slugs and a pair of giant slugs. They did not seem to be particularly dangerous but were adept at getting between the plates of my armor and biting me. I felt very strange soon after. I was coming down with fever however I had this strange sensation that something was watching me – something that was not entirely apart of this world.

The goddess smiled on me however and the fever left me soon after. I have not fully recovered yet but I do not expect to be in danger any longer. Udgarr was not so fortunate. He has the ministrations of our clerics but I’m not sure if he will recover if we do not find a proper place to rest soon.



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