Swste ton kosmo, allh mia fora

13 February 2013

This tomb confuses me. Adorned with items, art and scenes sacred to goodly gods, yet defiled within hours by a mad wizard. This place should be safe for us, a sanctuary – and yet it is not.

We came upon a goblin cleric today. With stealth we outflanked our opponent, interrupting a foul necromantic ritual that was nearly complete. The goblin was set to raise a number of humanoid skeletons and one large bullish skeleton. As soon as I stepped in I felt the stench of evil gnawing at my very soul. Surely this horrible creature had desecrated this once noble place!

The ensuing battle was mad – despite our best efforts to stop him the goblin was able to raise his skeletons. However the goddess was truly with us for we slew both him and his abominations. I am quite concerned with Larius however – he continues to get himself into trouble by entering melee haphazardly without support. In this very battle I was forced to abandon my line and drag him out of a pool of desecrated water! We surely have to discuss tactics at some point.

Once we dispatched the threat we found an assortment of useful gear. Quite troubling however was what we found on the body of the cleric; a promissory note worth 500 gold pieces payable from the temple of Orcus for services rendered – signed by non other than Xeron! How can one sell their soul so cheaply? Before leaving we managed to break the desecration and soon found that a fountain within the room had healing properties. Truly the goddess looks out for her own.

We continued to find a cavernous room filled with water. At the far end was an exit and between us a series of three platforms at varying heights. I estimate that our destination was approximately 100m below us. Naturally the platforms were trapped. To make matters worse we were attacked by a strange lurking creature along the way, but we were luckily able to discover it and dispatch it before it could catch any of us in an inopportune moment.

Further into the darkness we plunge – My mind is full of righteous fury! Xeron has much to answer for.



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